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Planting Roses in Old Rose Beds

If new roses are planted in old beds it is essential to dig out a hole at least 45cm (18 in) deep and 45cm (18 in) square and re-fill it with fresh topsoil in which roses have not previously been gro... more »
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Roses - Hybrid Tea Roses - Grandpa Dickson (syn. Irish Gold)

Grandpa Dickson (syn. Irish Gold)
No perfume

Grandpa Dickson (syn. Irish Gold)
At last a yellow hybrid tea rose of a really strong constitution; very large perfectly formed double flowers of exhibition quality borne on rigid stems, deep lemon-yellow faintly edged with pink. Foliage is dark and glossy. The plant is vigorous, upright with bushy growth.

Awards: Gold Medal Belfast 1698; Gold Medal Portland 1970; Gold Medal RNRS 1965; Gold Medal The Hague 1966; President's International Trophy RNRS 1965.

Parentage: (Kordes Perfecta x Governador Braga da Cruz) x Piccadilly.

Available bare root annually from November to April.

For retail enquiries subject to a minimum of five or ten plants per variety at a cost of £55 / £95 including FREE delivery within mainland UK, please email sales@roses.uk.com

Breeder: Dickson
Year: 1966