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A dressing of COCKER’S RECOMMENDED ROSE FOOD immediately after pruning in March at the rate of 125g per square metre is highly recommended with subsequent feedings at the rate of 125g per square metre... more »
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Roses - Floribunda Roses - Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue
120-150cm (4-5 ft)

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Rhapsody in Blue
Best described as purple ageing to a slate mauve the clusters of flowers have a strong scent. Although included in the Floribunda section this tall variety could be used in the Shrub border. The plant is well furnished with pale green leaves and has the vigour to produce new basal growth. A real eyecatcher with a wonderful scent.

Available bare root annually from November to March subject to a minimum of 5 or 10 plants per variety at a cost of £55 / £95 including free delivery to mainland UK.

To place an order please visit our online store www.cockersroses.co.uk

Breeder: Cowlishaw
Year: 2003