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All Hybrid Tea, Floribunda and Patio varieties (including Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Full Standard and Half Standard Roses) should be pruned early to mid March after planting, or where roses are plante... more »
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Roses - Alba Roses

The 'White Rose of York'.  An ancient European, probably a hybrid between Rosa Damascena and a form of Rosa Canina.  Available in the following very fragrant varieties, which are mostly stalwart erect shrubs of great garden value with elegant foliage of a notable greyish hue, particularly in the variety Celestial.  Pruning is as for Gallica Roses.

240x150cm (8x6ft)
Strong Fragrance

Alba Semi-plena
(Alba 16th century or earlier) Clusters of large sweetly scented semi-double white blooms, matt grey-green leaves. Good hips in autumn. Tolerant of poorer soils and shade.

Available bare ro...

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180-240cm (6-8 ft)
Very fragrant

Great Maiden's Blush
A strong grower with greyish foliage. Flowers very full petalled, flat of a warm blush pink, fading at the edges to a cream pink. For pure rose sweetness in fragrance this is hard to beat.
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150-180cm (5-6 ft)
Very fragrant

Konigin Von Danemark (Queen of Denmark)
Possibly a Damask rose, but in any case, one of the most lovely. The vivid scarlet pink shown in the unfolding buds remain in the centre of the open flowers after they have faded to their pale ...

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180-210cm (6-7 ft)
Very fragrant

Also known as Great Double White, Mme Legras, Cheshire Rose, Jacobite Rose. Very similar to Great Maiden's Blush in all but colour, which is creamy white with a dark cream tinting in the centre...

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