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Pruning in subsequent years

All Hybrid Tea, Floribunda and Patio varieties (including Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Full Standard and Half Standard Roses) should be pruned early to mid March. All week shoots should be cut away and ... more »
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Roses - Scotch Roses

The 'Burnet' or 'Scotch Briar' will grow on almost any soil as long as it is not boggy.  They require hardly any pruning except keeping them within their bounds and removing the occasional old shoot.

210-240cm (7-8 ft)
Very fragrant

This has proved a very strong grower, reaching 210cm (7 ft) in 2 years. Arching branches, attractive foliage. The flowers are borne in one glorious flush in May and June, when no Shrub is more...

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150-180cm (5-6 ft)
Delicious perfume

Perhaps the most exquisite of single roses. Each bloom a model of beauty, pink in the bud and opening to rich cherry pink at the edges, soft yellow in the centre where there is a ring of maroon ...

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120-150cm (4-5 ft)
Very sweet fragrance

Stanwell Perpetual
Low dense Shrub, spraying branches of typical neat leaves and a succession from June to October of sweet double blooms. 7cm (3 in) wide, in flesh pink fading to white. A gem. Parentage: R. Damas...

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