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Frost Damage

Frost damage is a major cause of death of roses if not properly contained. Frost damage appears as a two tone discolouring at the tips of the branches. Left untreated, frost damage will spread to th... more »
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Roses - Rose Species

Most of these varieties produce single flowers in May and June and have graceful decorative foliage.  A young plant, during it's first few years, will need shaping to encourage strong young growth.  When established, old spent wood should be removed occasionally in winter, bearing in mind that the flowers and fruits are produced on strong shoots of the previous year's growth.  In general, very little pruning is required.

240-270cm (8-9 ft)
Little scent

Moyesii 'Geranium'
A bright red sport or seedling of R. Moyesii. Very large bottle shaped red hips much superior to Moyesii for smaller gardens.

Available bare root annually from November to April.

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150x120cm (5x4ft)

One of the earliest flowering varieties. Small primrose-yellow blooms, smothering graceful fern-like foliage. The leaves exude the distinct smell of incense.

Available bare root annually fr...

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180-240cm (6-8 ft)
Slight fragrance

Small cerise pink flowers borne in small clusters which are then followed by bright mahogany red hips. Foliage is a distinguished blue grey colour. This variety is much favoured by flower arrangers. ...

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Slight fragrance

Sericea Pteracantha
A tall shrub bearing single white flowers that flowers once during the season. The most remarkable thing about this variety is the very large, deep red wing like thorns that adorn the stems.

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150-180cm (5-6 ft)

Xanthina Canary Bird
A beautiful single species, flowering in early May. The flowers are deep clear yellow. Introduced from North China in 1907.

Available bare root annually from November to April.

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