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The most common rose diseases are:- Blackspot which is caused by warm wet weather during the summer months and can be identified by black spots with a yellow fringe appearing on the leaves; Rust cause... more »
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Roses - Floribunda Roses - Toprose

75cm (2.5 ft)
Slight fragrance

A Floribunda rose carrying Hybrid Tea type flowers of brilliant unfading yellow. The plant has an upright habit of growth and the foliage is large, tough, medium green. Resistance to disease appears to be excellent. Because of the outstanding colour it should be an effective garden, park and border rose. Awarded Gold Medal at Baden Baden Rose Trials in 1987. Parentage: [(Chinatown x Golden Masterpiece) x Adolf Horstmann] x Yellow Pages.

Also available as a Full Standard Rose.

Available bare root annually from November to March subject to a minimum of 5 or 10 plants per variety at a cost of £55 / £95 including free delivery to mainland UK.

To place an order please visit our online store www.cockersroses.co.uk

Breeder: Cocker
Year: 1991