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If you are unable to plant your roses as soon as they arrive, Cocker's packing will ensure that the plants will remain in good condition for at least 2 weeks provided that the parcel is kept in a fros... more »
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Roses - Climbing and Rambling Roses - Summertime - Climbing Rose

Summertime - Climbing Rose
210cm (7ft)

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Summertime - Climbing Rose
An extremely healthy addition to the miniature climbers. The flowers are yellow with a cream edge and are full but informal. The small flowers are matched with miniature foliage and the plant is literally a column of colour from June until stopped by the first frosts. Rose of the Year 2005.
Parentage: Laura Ford x Golden Future

Available bare root annually from November to April.

For retail enquiries subject to a minimum of five or ten plants per variety at a cost of £70 / £115 including FREE delivery within mainland UK, please email sales@roses.uk.com

Breeder: Warner's Roses
Year: 2005