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Roses - Gallica Roses - Versicolor (syn. Rosa Mundi)

Versicolor (syn. Rosa Mundi)
90-120cm (3-4 ft)

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Versicolor (syn. Rosa Mundi)
First recorded in England in the 16th Century. A sport from Rosa Gallica maxima, forming a similar bushy plant up to 120cm (4 ft). high. Well clothed in foliage and bearing a long succession of large loose petalled, brilliant light crimson blooms. Heavily striped and splashed with pink. Of great garden value.

Available bare root annually from November to April.

For retail enquiries subject to a minimum of five or ten plants per variety at a cost of £85 / £125 including FREE delivery within mainland UK, please email sales@roses.uk.com

Rosa Mundi
Breeder: R. Gallica variegata