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Planting Roses in Old Rose Beds

If new roses are planted in old beds it is essential to dig out a hole at least 45cm (18 in) deep and 45cm (18 in) square and re-fill it with fresh topsoil in which roses have not previously been gro... more »
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Roses - Ground Cover - Suffolk

45cm (1.5 ft)
Slight fragrance

Bright scarlet single flowers with golden stamens are produced freely on a low spreading Shrub to 90cm (3 ft ) across. The foliage is plentiful, mid green and in the autumn the flowers are followed by orange red hips.

Available bare root annually from November to April.

For retail enquiries subject to a minimum of five or ten plants per variety at a cost of £85 / £125 including FREE delivery within mainland UK, please email sales@roses.uk.com

Breeder: Kordes
Year: 1988