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Frost Damage

Frost damage is a major cause of death of roses if not properly contained. Frost damage appears as a two tone discolouring at the tips of the branches. Left untreated, frost damage will spread to th... more »
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Roses - Hybrid Tea Roses - Ruby Wedding

Ruby Wedding
75cm (2.5 ft)

Ruby Wedding
Large crimson double blooms of 44 petals sit on a plant bearing dark green and glossy foliage. Excellent for cutting for the vase. An ideal present for a special couple celebrating 40th years of marriage.

Available bare root annually from November to March subject to a minimum of 5 or 10 plants per variety at a cost of £55 / £95 including free delivery to mainland UK.

To place an order please visit our online store www.cockersroses.co.uk

Breeder: Gregory
Year: 1979