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Roses do best when given a bed to themselves in an open part of the garden. Most roses do not tolerate shade well. Roses should not be planted under trees or where they will be swamped by other plan... more »
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Roses - Climbing and Rambling Roses - American Pillar

American Pillar

Delicate fragrance

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American Pillar
A beautiful old rambler bearing pink blended single flowers with a yellow centre. This variety will produce a mass of blooms in one or two flushes throughout the season. As a rambler, it is ideal for training over pergolas and arches and is also suitable for north facing walls.

Available bare root annually from November to March subject to a minimum of 5 or 10 plants per variety at a cost of £70 / £155 including free delivery to mainland UK.

To place an order please visit our online store www.cockersroses.co.uk

Year: 1902