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Roses may be planted at any time between the end of October and late April when the weather is sufficiently fine and provided that the soil is friable and free from frost or snow. Soak the roots in a... more »
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Roses - Climbing and Rambling Roses - American Pillar

American Pillar

Delicate fragrance

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American Pillar
A beautiful old rambler bearing pink blended single flowers with a yellow centre. This variety will produce a mass of blooms in one or two flushes throughout the season. As a rambler, it is ideal for training over pergolas and arches and is also suitable for north facing walls.

Available bare root annually from November to April.

For retail enquiries subject to a minimum of five or ten plants per variety at a cost of £70 / £115 including FREE delivery within mainland UK, please email sales@roses.uk.com

Year: 1902