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A dressing of COCKER’S RECOMMENDED ROSE FOOD immediately after pruning in March at the rate of 125g per square metre is highly recommended with subsequent feedings at the rate of 125g per square metre... more »
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Roses - Centifolia and Moss Roses

The Moss Roses have an "Old World" charm of their own, and were largely grown in the last century.  Their beautiful buds and delicious fragrance render these real favourites.

Pruning: they should be lightly pruned each Feburary.  Remove all old wood, thin out some of the past season's shoots where overcrowded, shorten the lateral of thoe remaining and cut back the young growth by one third of their length.

90-120cm (3-4 ft)

Fantin Latour
Large, flat, full petalled double pink shaded blush flowers. Exceptionally free flowering, an 'old world' rose of character.

Available bare root annually from November to April.

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Strong Fragrance

William Lobb
A large, beautiful old moss rose with deep purple / red blooms that carry a strong fragrance. This variety flowers en mass once during the season.

Available bare root annually from Novembe...

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